Koss Earphones

Koss Earphones

Koss Earphones are well-known all over the world because of their quality and durability. This company has released different products like Koss headphones, Koss earbuds,  and stereophones. All of these products are know for their remarkable relation between price and quality.

Choosing which kind of Koss products to use can sometimes be a little difficult. But really what you need to do is ask yourself: where do I listen to music. When its only at home, you should consider Koss headphones like Koss UR40 or Koss Pro 4AAT. If you move around a lot, you should try something like Koss KE29E or Koss Sparkplug.

If we talk strictly about Koss Earphones, then you should be looking at models like SportClip, SportBuds or Koss 00312B. I don’t particularly recommend those because there are so much better product for the money but that only my opinion, maybe they suite for you.

Now I’m going to give you a comparison Koss Portapro vs Sennhauser PX100 which are 2 of the best headphones I know:

I couldn’t decide between the Sennhauser PX100 and the Koss Portapro headphones. I bought both, so I could take them home and compare at my leisure. Result: They are both excellent choices! You will be pleased with either. But to distinguish between them:
The PX100 are more comfortable because of the foam cushions which rest on the top of your head. The Port are also comfortable, but I do notice the metal band on the top of my head, which sometimes pulls some strands of hair out.
The PX100 look better when on. The Porta looks kinda dorky — especially at first — but they are easy to get used to.
The PX100 are also more durable. Once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy to collapse the headphones and put them in their plastic carrying case. They are not going to get squished while they’re in that! The Portapr can be collapsed into a ball, but if I’m not really careful, they spring open all when I touch them. It’s also very difficult to get the Portapro headphones and cord into the accompanying bag.
The Por headphones have more bass, and to my ears, the music sounds more alive than with the PX100. The PX100 sound really good, but the Porta sound just a tad bit better.

So everybody who are thinking about buying Koss Earphones won’t regret this decision. Koss Earphones are really great and durable.